Cam Pipes from 3 Inches of Blood: Tour Secrets & More | Exclusive Interview | Rockum TV

(Rockum)- Let's celebrate the legacy of 3 Inches of Blood with a special interview on Rockum TV! In this video, we delve into the history, music, and impact of this iconic metal band. Discover how 3 Inches of Blood has made their mark on the metal scene and continues to inspire fans worldwide.

In this exclusive episode of Rockum TV, Cam Pipes takes us on a behind-the-scenes journey of the band, sharing untold stories about their formation, the collaborators who made their success possible, and the most memorable songs of their career. From their debut album to standout moments on stage, this interview offers a unique insight into the world of 3 Inches of Blood.

Additionally, Cam Pipes gives us exciting details about the 20th-anniversary tour of "Advance and Vanquish," which will include an epic stop in Toronto on July 20th. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the celebration and experience the energy of 3 Inches of Blood live!

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Don't miss this chance to dive into the metal universe with one of the genre's most influential voices! ?

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