Rockum Radio Show Ep#222:New Voices and Eternal Echoes!

(Rockum)- Hey Rock Warriors!
A thunderous thank you to all the die-hard fans who tuned in to the explosive Rockum Radio Show Ep#222: New Voices and Eternal Echoes! Airing on Tuesday, July 2nd, from 10 PM to midnight on CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, it was an absolute thrill to share another night of relentless rock and metal with you all!

We had the honor of hosting the legendary drummer Carmine Appice, known for his work with iconic bands. In this intense and high-energy conversation, we delved into his new album, Temple of Blues -Influences and Friends, as well as his glorious past.

For those who missed the live broadcast or want to relive the sonic adventure, no worries! You can listen to the entire episode via the player provided below:

Let's dive into the powerhouse playlist that fueled the airwaves:

Warhorse - Here Comes The Night (3:49)
Oceans Of Slumber - Poem Of Ecstasy (6:33)
Dream Evil - Chosen Force (5:08)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Hold On (5:11)
Seven Spires - Portrait of Us (4:46)
Orden Ogan - Conquest (4:12)
The Almighty - Wrench (4:14)
Dark Tranquillity - Not Nothing (4:52)
Future Palace - Dreamstate (4:00)
Rorschach Test - Fallen (4:41)
Devolution - Deceiver Believer (5:01)
Nestor - Victorious (3:48)
Cactus feat. Dee Snider & dUg Pinnick - Evil (3:16)
Cactus feat. dUg Pinnick & Ted Nugent - One Way...Or Another (5:09)
Cemetery Skyline - The Coldest Heart (4:29)
Falcon Trails - Last Hearts of Fire (4:08)

I hope these tunes ignited your passion for rock and metal as much as they did for me! Remember to mark your calendars for our next broadcast and stay connected with us on social media for all the latest updates.

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Keep the energy alive, rock on, and until next time!

Gino Alache