NOX NOVACULA Hypnotizes with New Single and Video 'Flood'; 'Feed the Fire' Album Out August 2nd via Artoffact Records

(Rockum)-NOX NOVACULA are back with another hypnotizing single & video from their forthcoming full-length, 'Feed The Fire'. Today's new song, 'Flood', is lyrically poignant, relatable, and powerful both in vocal delivery and sonics. With the band's post-punk influences at the forefront, the track is a danceable gothic hymn for the unrelenting soul.

On the new single, the band comments:
"Flood is a song about survival, about finding the deepest darkest point in one’s life and managing to walk through it despite knowing what’s on the other side. Although it might sound depressing, we think its a celebration of resilience that most people can identify with in some way."

Over the last few months, the band has shared singles taken from the upcoming album, 'Feed The Fire', which will see its global release on August 2nd via the band's new label home, Artoffact Records.

NOX NOVACULA is a deathrock band formed in Seattle in 2017. Since their inception, the group has demonstrated a strong commitment to dark, gothic modes of musical expression. While homage is certainly (and devoutly) paid to their 1980s predecessors, a distinctly modern approach to personal and political struggle places NOX NOVACULA in a category of their own.

Their self-titled demo exploded onto the Seattle music scene in 2018, breathing life (death?) into a city severely lacking in macabre art. The momentum built from their early shows led to a number of appearances at acclaimed festivals such as Near Dark, Out From the Shadows and San La Muerte. 2019's “Hitchhiker/Drug” 7” brought them to a wider audience, culminating with Poland's Batcave Productions reissuing their early works on “The Beginning” LP. A 2019 European tour preceded the release of their first full-length “Ascension” on Paris' Manic Depression Records. Acclaimed upon its release, “Ascension” marked a creative turning point for the group and established their canonical status in the history of gothic rock.

Their latest LP “Feed the Fire” expands on the promises of the band's early works while introducing a broader palate of electronic experimentation. Album opener “Plague” begins with a synthesized funeral dirge before exploding into the tense, nail-biting punk they excel in. The energy is felt in the music, with an always virtuoso performance from vocalist Charlotte Blythe guiding the listener through tales of despair, dissonance and action. Tracks like “No Forgiveness” and “Sirens” are anthemic enough to sit comfortably alongside the works of Death Cult or Skeletal Family. “Stay” takes a foray into fully synthesized contemplation, displaying a compositional versatility as compelling as it is listenable. The record, their live performance, and the genuinely organic charisma they exude primes NOX NOVACULA for a bright (dark?) future to come. Amen.