Rockum Radio Show EP99- Interview MONSTER MAGNET - DAVE WYNDORF w/ Gino Alache

By Gino Alache - TUESDAY 12, 2021

(Rockum)-Hey Metalheads! Here you have the Rockum Radio Show EP#99 -Interview with DAVE WYNDORF from Monster Magnet. This episode was broadcasted 12 OCT 8-10 Pm via 101.9FM Kingston ON. Canada.

Mortemia - Devastation Bound
Trivium - The Phalanx
Carcass - The Scythe's remorseless
Vicious Rumors - Ship of fools
The Agonist- Remmants in Time
Krokus - Let this love begin
Chlorine - Thanks For nothing
Brighton Rock - Can stop the earth from Shaking
Bon Jovi - Born to be my baby - alive
STORM FORCE - Last Christmas
Monster Magnet - Solid Gold Hell
Monster Magnet- Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Sumo Cyco - Sumo Eater
Lucifer - Crucifix
Obituary - Don't Care
Blood Red Throne - Official - Transparent Existence
Psy:code - Extraction
Bornholm - Spiritual Warfare
Thulcandra - Nocturnal Heresy
Untamed Land - The Heavenly Coil
Deicide - Sacrificial Suicide
Transmetal - Mexico Barbaro

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