Rockum Radio Show EP113 with Gino Alache - Interview with Bewitcher

By Gino Alache - TUESDAY 01 FEB. 2022

(Rockum)-Rockum Radio Show with Gino Alache Episode #113, interview with Mateo Von Bewitcher from Bewitcher, was broadcasted Tuesday 01th February 2022, via CFRC 101.9FM Kingston ON. Canada. Hosted & Produced by Gino Alache


Saxon - Remember The Fallen
Flames Of Fire - Gloria
Ashes Of Ares - What Tomorrow Will Bring
Amoth (ft.Ensiferum's Pekka Montin on Vocals) - The Man Who Watches The World Burn
Krilloan - Times Forgotten
Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones - The New Dark Ages
SEPTEM - The North Star
Felskinn - World Will End
Fierce Atmospheres - Fear is a One Way
Martyr - Fire of Rebellions
Bravelord - Destruction Is Coming
Bewitcher - Valley Of The Ravens
Meshuggah - The Abysmal Eye
Celtic Frost - Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo cover)
Amorphis - On The Dark Waters
HELLFOX - Your Name
Once Human - Erasure
Caliban - Ascent Of The Blessed
Betraying The Martyrs - Black Hole
Dream Demon - Fool Me
X-Plicit - The Party Is Hot
Re-Armed - Tomorrow
Voivod - Synchro Anarchy (4:25)

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