KINIT HER release final digital EP ENDING WITHOUT

(Rockum)- In the wake of KINIT HER's swansong album "The Nature Out There", the much loved American symbolist post-folk collective KINIT HER release a final EP "Ending Without" as a parting gift. The EP contains three tracks from the last recording sessions that for a number of reasons did not make it onto the album.

KINIT HER comment: "This EP, 'The Ending Without', is a poignant final note to our journey with the egregore that is Kinit Her", singer and electronic sound-designer Nathaniel Ritter explains on behalf of the collective by using the occult term for a non-physical entity that is manifested from the collective thoughts and emotions of a distinct group of individuals. "It features three outtakes from 'The Nature Out There', serves as a reflective coda to the rich tapestry of sound and spirit that we have woven over the years. These tracks are not just remnants of our final album but integral echoes of the Kinit Her story, each resonating with the same level of depth and reflection that has defined our entire discography. 'Feeding Mirrors' is graced by the resurrected guitar work of original Kinit Her member Vincent Wahcowiak, who left the band in 2009. His participation in this EP helps bring our wanderings full circle, adding yet another layer of finality to this release. The EP culminates with 'Courtyard of All Grace', a track that ends with a sample from Red Hawk, a practitioner and teacher of self-remembering. His words, 'I was thrown as a child; I lived at the edge of the woods; I was thrown onto a love of the Earth and the Earth supported me; the Earth grounded me – it gave me a place of refuge; so I loved the Earth,' encapsulate Kinit Her's deep connection to nature and the cosmos and makes clear these tracks have the same lifeblood as those from 'The Nature Out There'. This release symbolizes not just an end but the enduring spirit of our exploration, a key granting further keys to many doors of perception and understanding for those who have or will be touched by this music.".

1. Feeding Mirrors
2. A Snake is a Snake
3. Courtyard of All Grace

Everything comes to an end, but endings carry the seed for a new beginning: On December 15, 2023, symbolist post-folk collective KINIT HER released their final album "The Nature Out There" into the wild.

1. The Nature Out There
2. How the Game Appears
3. Tears of Gold
4. Blood Blood Blood (Wormsblood cover)
5. On the Bridge of Dreams
6. Without Ending
7. Turn for the Better
8. Death Is a Marriage
9. The Mask of Life Breaks
10. Blind Calf (To Offer)

With their fifteenth full-length "The Nature Out There", KINIT HER have reached a culminating and breath-taking height in their organic growth. Transcending all artificial limitations such as genre or instrumentation, the symbolist post-folk collective present a beautiful kaleidoscope of bursting musical colours and spiritual journeys into the wonders of nature with lush soundscapes that amazes and thrills with every note.

Ever since their founding in the heart of Wisconsin in 2005 by vocalist and man of strings Troy Schafer and electronic sound designer and lyricist Nathaniel Ritter, KINIT HER have been relentlessly pushing to expand the aesthetic and stylistic range of neofolk into unique new shapes under the banner of what the band calls "symbolist post-folk music".

Channelling such diverse influences as neoclassical, early music, folk, industrial, avant-garde rock, black metal, ambient, pop, and many others, KINIT HER have sounded organic tone-mantras from shofar horns, bent sweetened notes on beaten guitars, intoned harmonised enumeration of spells and dreams, and backed it all by string and brass arrangements, acoustic ephemera, and twinkling electronic sound designs.

KINIT HER have evolved into many forms by inviting a host of guest-musicians, but with singer Jessica Way a permanent third member has meanwhile been added to the original core-duo. Rarely performing live, this project nonetheless continues to grow, warp, twist, form offshoots, and to challenge their co-creators, friends, and fellow musicians, which are invited in ever changing line-ups to participate in one of the many recordings.

KINIT HER emerge from a heavenly vault of related projects and shared collaborations of contributors as one of the brightest stars in this celestial sound constellation. "The Nature Out There" is the guiding light for a generation of folk and neofolk related music trying to reach new sonic dimensions.

Release date: December 15, 2023
Style: Symbolist Post-Folk
Label: Auerbach Tontrδger

Troy Schafer – vocals, guitars, strings, horn
Jessica Way – vocals
Nathaniel Ritter – electronics, sound design, vocals

Guest musicians
Michael Tellbach (ART ABSCONS) – additional vocals (1), bass (1, 2, 4-7, 10), acoustic guitar (4)
Thierry Jolif (LONSAI MAIKOV) – additional vocals (1)
Ian Campbell (CROOKED MOUTH) – acoustic guitar (1, 2, 6, 9), electric guitar (2, 6, 9), harmonium (1), additional vocals (4)
Egan Budd (HEADSTONE BRIGADE) – accordion (2, 6), vocals (6)
Clay Ruby (BURIAL HEX) – piano (1, 7), electronics & sound design (1)
William Lee (SECOND FAMILY BAND) – snare, sleigh bells, bass drum (4)
Andy Way – electronics, sound design (4)

Production, Mix & Mastering
Nathaniel Ritter at his home studio

Illustation by Garek Druss

Available formats
"The Nature Out There" is available as an amber and black marble vinyl LP, as a black vinyl LP, and as a Digipak CD.