CROWNSHIFT release first single and video 'IF YOU DARE'

(Rockum)- One of Finland's hottest new exports, top-class modern metal band CROWNSHIFT, are pleased to finally unleash their first single and music video upon the world!

Having just signed with NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, 'If You Dare' is the first glimpse at CROWNSHIFT's upcoming debut album, which is set to be released in the first half of 2024.

Irresistible banger 'If You Dare' pairs the razor-sharp riffing and vicious breakdowns of contemporary metal with the gorgeous and otherworldly harmonics of Finnish melodic death metal. It's the perfect song for CROWNSHIFT to mark their territory as a new household name to be mentioned alongside the beloved genre greats from their home country.

Born as the long-time idea of four friends, CROWNSHIFT are a new high standing metal act from Finland. The members, who come from the ranks of Finland's finest exports such as Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Wintersun and Finntroll, are thrilled to start a new journey together and spread their authentic sonic print across the globe.

Seamlessly covering a diversity of styles, the quartet has a unique signature to their modern sound. Hypnotizing melodies paired with ripping riffs, from moody mid-tempo songs to fierce prog-death-metal opuses, CROWNSHIFT were born to be master of all trades.

Their forthcoming debut album will undoubtedly be a showcase of relentless ambition that will take you through a wide musical spectrum, with no compromises or boundaries, proving that the band are on a quest to put a striking mark on the map.

Keep your eyes peeled for teasers and further announcements and make sure to follow CROWNSHIFT on their socials to stay up-to-date.

Tommy Tuovinen: Vocals
Daniel Freyberg: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jukka Koskinen: Bass
Heikki Saari: Drums