(Rockum)- Trebukhin, renowned for his exceptional work with bands like Imminence and Trivium, brought a distinct Stranger Things ambiance to the music video, blending eerie mystery with the band's explosive energy.

After a significant period dedicated to honing their craft, LANDMVRKS emerge with what they confidently call their 'best ever result."

"Creature" is more than a song — it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of the band's evolution and their relentless pursuit of musical excellence. The single is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a unique, immersive experience to their fans.

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"Creature is the first single from LANDMVRKS' new chapter, which explores the fears we bury deep inside ourselves instead of exploring and facing up to them," the band offers. "They end up resurfacing even stronger. The creature taking possession of the body is a metaphor for this."

LANDMVRKS were born in 2014 in Marseille, France. The band now consists of Florent Salfati on vocals, Rudy Purkart on bass, Nicolas Exposito and Paul C. Wilson on guitars, and Kévin D'Agostino on drums.

For two years, the band composed songs, recorded and started playing local shows by sharing the bill with bands such as FIRST BLOOD, MORE THAN LIFE and little by little, LANDMVRKS started making a name for themselves in the French metalcore scene. During this time, the band released a few singles and videos to help build up their fan base.

In May 2016, LANDMVRKS released their first album Hollow, entirely produced by Salfati and Exposito. They decided to release this album independently, and toured Europe to showcase this opus. They seduced their audiences with a modern metalcore style peppered with hardcore riffs and catchy choruses. This album helped secure them slots on big festivals, helping to strengthen their reputation.

In 2018, the band signed a contract with Arising Empire for their second studio album Fantasy and they demonstrated how successfully the band has managed to build their name and assert its own style.

During the next two years, they traveled the world, played in Japan, did some headlines tours and had the opportunity to have great European tours (While She Sleeps, Stray From The Path, Any Given Day).

While they were on the road, they had the time to focus on brand new material. The band members gathered together when lockdown ended in France, after one of the strangest periods ever experienced. The time had come for them to assemble, within the vocalist's studio (Homeless Records), the elements of their third album, fashioned for months. The purpose of this album, entitled Lost In The Waves, is clearly not to reinvent LANDMVRKS. The purpose is to fully deploy the band's arsenal in order to definitively impose its style. An uncompromising style, assumed, claimed, and highly distinctive. The listener goes through massive, energetic, or even aerial parts, without escaping the efficient groove inherited from a rap culture. The musical production of this album is the most accomplished and organic that the group has ever had. This album shows that instead of getting lost in the waves, the French band firmly holds the helm.

Florent Salfati | Vocals
Nicolas Exposito | Guitar
Paul C. Wilson | Guitar
Rudy Purkart | Bass
Kevin D'Agostino | Drums