MONKEY3 Shares Gripping New Track COLLISION and Visualizer Video

(Rockum)- February 23, 2024 sees instrumental psych rock maestros MONKEY3 release their much-awaited new album, entitled 'Welcome To The Machine', via Napalm Records. Once again, MONKEY3 envelop listeners in their unique, cosmic auditory haze with their newest release.

'Welcome To The Machine's musical themes are inspired by movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Sunshine, Solaris and 1984, while unveiling an intense mankind vs. machines story that instantly launches the listener into deep space. Right from its first tones, the album immediately emerges as a perfect soundtrack to a journey into the unknown. Tracks such as the previously-released, first album single "Rackman" perfectly showcase how MONKEY3 are one of only a few instrumental bands that know how to tell an enthralling story.

MONKEY3 move perfectly between haunting passages and progressive breaks, as well as mesmerizing grooves and colossal riffs, reinforced by songs such as today's newly premiered "Collision". As the track explores the awareness of reality and destruction of an artificial machine system, MONKEY3 excel with an extensive, cosmic introduction that explodes into a majestic psychedelic magnum opus!

Guitarist Boris says about the song:

"The colliding of two elements creates chaos, but also peace and harmony. This gives birth to something completely new. What are we looking for? What do we want to achieve?"

Following 'Live at Freak Valley' in 2017 and their latest, much-acclaimed album, 'Sphere' (2019), 'Welcome To The Machine' not only marks the Lausanne-based band's seventh and most epic, dark and captivating record to date, but will also clearly prove why MONKEY3 belong to one of the most exciting instrumental rock bands in the modern stoner and psychedelic rock scene.

'Welcome To The Machine' explores as much as it poses questions. It is dark and menacing; evoking melancholic destruction while somehow bursting with hope at the same time. The album was recorded and mixed by Raphal Bovey at Blend Studio and MyRoom Studio, and was mastered by Lad Agabekov at Caduceus Studios in Switzerland. The stunning cover artwork was created by Sebastian Jerke.

Welcome To The Machine' Track List:

1. Ignition
2. Collision
3. Kali Yuga
4. Rackman
5. Collapse

MONKEY3 are:

Walter Drums
Jalil Bass
Boris Guitars
dB Keys and Sounds

Watch the video: