Canciones | Songs

Great Heathen Army – 5:21
Black Flag – 4:56
Raven Wing – 6:25
The Veil – 4:47
Seven Headed Whore – 3:00
The Relic (Part 1) – 4:59
Ghost Dance (Awaken the Ancestors) – 6:35
Brothers – 4:54
Defiance – 4:08
Clear the Way (December 13th, 1862) – 9:30

Codigo de Barras, otros identificadores | Barcode and Other Identifiers

Country | Pais
United States
Lanzamiento | Released date

Genero | Genre
Heavy Metal
Tiempo | Length

Sello | Label
Century Media
Productor | Producer
Jon Schaffer

Produccion | Production
Formato | Format
LP CD Digital

Banda | Line Up
Stu Block – lead vocals, backing vocals
Jon Schaffer – rhythm and lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jake Dreyer – lead guitar
Luke Appleton – bass guitar
Brent Smedley – drums


Incorruptible es el decimosegundo álbum de estudio de la banda Iced Earth y tercero en la voz del canadiense Stu Block (Into Eternity) como cantante principal. Además, es el primer disco grabado en los estudios propios de la banda, los cuales nacen a partir de una serie de edificios adquiridos durante 2016 por Jon Schaffer y que posteriormente se bautizaron como «Independence Hall»


Incorruptible is the twelfth studio album by American heavy metal band Iced Earth. It was released on June 16, 2017, by Century Media.Regarding how Incorruptible compares to previous Iced Earth albums, guitarist and main songwriter Jon Schaffer said: "They're all kind of their own thing, but I have a very strong gut feeling about this, and so does everybody in the band, that this is one of the really special ones. So I put it up there with The Dark Saga [1996], Something Wicked This Way Comes [1998], Dystopia [2011] — it's in that league of records — so it's really gonna be something special, man. I know musicians always say that, but there is something going on here, so it's cool. We're all very excited about it." On the topic of the concept for the lyrics on Incorruptible, Schaffer said: "There is no concept on this record; it's just ten individual tracks not related to each other. Actually, on Plagues Of Babylon [2014], it was only the first six that were related to the 'Something Wicked' story; it was like a zombie apocalypse within the 'Something Wicked' framework. But this album, it's just ten individual songs. We have one called 'Clear The Way', which is about the Irish Brigade at the Battle of Fredericksburg — very tragic, actually — but that's a big epic, like ten minutes; and then we have one called 'Black Flag', which is a pirate song. It's quite a… I think I pulled it off pretty well with the lyrics, to be able to tell such a big story in a very short amount of time. I think it's gonna be a highlight of the record. And then on [the last European] tour, [we opened] the show with a new song that will be the opener on the album — it's called 'Great Heathen Army' — that's got a Viking kind of a vibe to it. So there's a lot of different things, and none of it's really related. There's one called 'Raven Wing'… I can't really think of all of them right now… 'Seven Headed Whore' — that's one that's actually pretty brutal; it's like a total kick in the balls. But, you know, there's a lot of varied emotions on this, and it's cool stuff, man."


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