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Lacuna Coil - Black Anima

In May 2019, female vocalist Cristina Scabbia teased the band's ninth studio album through Instagram by announcing they were entering the studio to record.On July 15, 2019, the band uploaded a promotional photo to their social media accounts. On July 19, 2019, the album artwork was revealed. It is the first album to feature drummer Richard Meiz. Black Anima is their ninth studio album.

Century Media Records website released a press release with Scabbia's explanation of the title. She writes, ďBlack Anima is all of us. Itís you and [sic] itís me, itís everything we hide and fiercely expose to a world thatís halfway asleep. It is the fogged mirror we are peering into searching for the truth. Itís sacrifice and pain, [sic] its justice and fear, itís fury and revenge, itís past and future... Human beings in the magnificence of a disturbing ambiguity. The black core that balances it allÖ as without darkness, light would never exist. We proudly present to you our new work and canít wait to welcome you in our embrace. We are the Anima.


1."Anima Nera"
2."Sword of Anger"
4."Layers of Time"
6."Now or Never"
7."Under the Surface"
9."The End Is All I Can See"
10."Save Me"
11."Black Anima"


Andrea Ferro
Marco Coti Zelati
Cristina Scabbia
Diego Cavallotti
Richard Meiz


Country: Italy

Released date: October 11, 2019

Genre: Gothic mMetal

Length: 45:15

Format: Stream - CD- Vinyl

Producer: Marco Coti Zelati

Barcode ID: -

Production: -

Label: Century Media


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