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The Agonist - Orphans

The Canadian melodic death metal band of The Agonist have released their sixth studio album baptized as Orphans. This work is dark and more substantial than other of their previous albums. It was recorded at The Grid Studio in Montreal - Quebec, 2018. Written and performed by The Agonist. Album artwork by Mikio Murakami@ Silent Q Design.


01. "In Vertigo"
02. "As One We Survive"
03. "The Gift of Silence"
04. "Blood as My Guide"
05. "Mr. Cold"
06. "Dust to Dust"
07. "A Devil Made Me Do It"
08. "The Killing I"
09. "Orphans"
10. "Burn it All Down"


Danny Marino
Chris Kells
Pascal Jobin
Simon McKay
Vicky Psarakis


Country: Canada

Released date: 20 September 2019

Genre: Melodic Death Heavy Metal

Length: 43.00

Format: CD, LP, Stream

Producer: Christian Donaldson and The Agonist

Barcode ID: 840588124435

Production: Mixed & Master by Christian Donaldson

Label: Rodeostar- Napalm

The Agonist

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