The Greek Hard Rock Progressive metal trio PECULIAR THREE arrived in Canada on a CD format with their debut studio album titled LEAP OF FAITH.

Mixed, Produced and Mastered at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece) by Ektoras Sohos, this record has a solid personality from start to finish.

Composed with seven sophisticated tracks (plus a bonus song) full of lush Hard ní Heavy- progressive harmonies and poignant lyrics that give the band a stunning album.

The artwork of this LEAP OF FAITH Digipack edition is fantastic; the sci-fi inspiration on the cover art and booklet, the combination of orange mars colours and the futuristic apocalyptic graphic art give extra points to this album. Sotiris Kotsonis oversaw the artwork.

In conclusion, PECULIAR THREE did a great work. Get this record and enjoy it!. Gino Alache 8.9/10


1. Perpetual - 05:41
2. Innermost - 05:40
3. Inkblot - 05:44
4. Marginal - 05:36
5. Leap of Faith - 05:14
6. The Sentient - 04:55
7. Knaves o' Knives - 07:10
8. Caliban's End (bonus track) - 05:49


Valantis Dafkos - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass
Panos Karkanas - Guitars, Keys
Paris Gatsios - Drums


Country: Greece

Released date: 2020

Genre: Hard Heavy Prog Metal

Length: 46.07

Format: CD Digipack

Producer: Ektoras Sohos

Barcode ID: N/A

Production: Peculiar Three

Label: Peculiar Three

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