What an inspiring and memorable title, “Warrior in the Night”! That was my first impression of this debut studio album by the Cypriot Metal band, HARMONIZE.

Mixed, mastered by Kyriakos Lorentzo and recorded at Studio 35, this record represents the band's gradually transforming into the Heavy/Power Metal act that they are today.

The songs have richly heavy metal textures, with ambitious doses of power metal and sophisticated melodies that seep into your brain.

The Warrior in the Night's artwork (Cover art and booklet) is epically delightful. Giannis Nakos- Remedy Art Design oversaw the artwork.

“Warrior in the Night” includes a couple guest appearances by close friends of the band, one being actor Nicolina Papas on the haunting narrative “Beyond Darkness” outro track of the album and also Andreas Paraschos of death metal act BLYND, who provides the brutal chorus backing vocals on the song “Tonight.”

In conclusion, HARMONIZE did a great album, written/sung with passion/emotion. Get this record and enjoy it!

Gino Alache 8.9/10


1. Warriors in Line (Intro)
2. Never Back Down
3. Warrior in The Night
4. Angel
5. The Astonishing End
6. Tonight
7. Crawling Among Shadows
8. Beyond Darkness (Outro)
9. Angel (Acoustic Version)


Sozos Michael – Vocals
George Constantinou - Rhythm Guitars
Lambros Apousianas – Lead Guitars
Panagiotis Takkides – Bass
Harrys Peratikas – Drums


Country: Cyprus

Released date: October 2nd, 2020

Genre: Heavy/Power Metal

Length: 45.30

Format: CD

Producer: Kyriakos Lorentzo

Barcode ID: N/A

Production: Harmonize

Label: Harmonize

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