CRISIS - Armed & Kicking, The Best of Crisis

This time is the first time I listen to Crisis and tell you that their music blew my head in thousands of pieces. Honestly, I love their music and attitude because it connects me with the original sound of Heavy metal.

If I can describe their music, I can say three words honest, wild, and metal.

Sometimes I think I know a lot about Heavy metal bands, and the surprises are ineffective in me. Still, now I must admit I was wrong about that because Crisis gives me a new perspective about the American Traditional Heavy Metal roots.

The good news is CRISIS has released their compilation Armed & Kicking, The Best of Crisis, in a double CD format.

Armed & Kicking is a best-of collection on Ragged Sails Records. The release comprises selections from their 3 CDs released on various labels and includes a bonus disc of Live in the studio. Songs previously released on Bullet Records U.K. and Shadow Kingdom U.S.

CRISIS is a Salt Lake City heavy metal trio, and the band was born in 1979.

Salt Lake City based Crisis was an anomaly in the U.S. metal scene. At a time when many U.S. metal bands emulated the pop- infused “fashion-before-fury” L.A. style, Crisis did not. Their sound was revved up, raw, and noisy. The band drew their inspiration from the rough and ready vibe of Rory Gallagher and the frenetic energy of NWOBHM bands like Raven. Wrathchild, Black Rose)

Gino Alache

Spanish Version:

Esta vez es la primera vez que escucho Crisis y les cuento que su música me voló la cabeza en miles de piezas. Honestamente, amo su música y actitud porque me conecta con el sonido original del Heavy metal.

Si puedo describir su música, puedo decir tres palabras: honesto, salvaje y metal.

A veces creo que sé mucho sobre las bandas de Heavy metal y las sorpresas no son efectivas en mí. Aún así, ahora debo admitir que estaba equivocado en eso porque Crisis me da una nueva perspectiva sobre las raíces del Heavy Metal Tradicional Americano.

La buena noticia es que CRISIS ha lanzado su recopilación Armed & Kicking, The Best of Crisis, en formato de doble CD.

Armed & Kicking es la mejor colección de Ragged Sails Records. El lanzamiento comprende selecciones de sus 3 CD publicados en varios sellos e incluye un disco extra de Live in the studio. Canciones previamente lanzadas en Bullet Records U.K. y Shadow Kingdom U.S.

CRISIS es un trío de heavy metal de Salt Lake City, y la banda nació en 1979.

Crisis, con sede en Salt Lake City, fue una anomalía en la escena del metal estadounidense. En un momento en que muchas bandas de metal estadounidenses emulaban el estilo de L.A. infundido de pop "moda antes de la furia", Crisis no lo hizo. Su sonido estaba acelerado, crudo y ruidoso. La banda se inspiró en el ambiente áspero y listo de Rory Gallagher y la energía frenética de bandas de NWOBHM como Raven. Wrathchild, Black Rose)

Gino Alache


CD 1 – Armed & Kicking: The Best of Crisis

1. Crank It Up
2. Take It Or Leave It
3. We’re The Boys
4. Break In The Action
5. Armed To The Teeth
6. Kick It Out
7. Keep Fighting
8. Metal Meltdown
9. We Come To Rock
10. At Night
11. Independent
12. It Isn’t Easy Being Me
13. Dodged Another Bullet

CD 2 – Crisis Live in the Studio: Remastered

1. We Come To Rock
2. Metal Meltdown
3. Keep Fighting
4. At Night
5. Still In Love With You
6. Don’t Come Back
7. Scene Of The Crime
8. Medication


Jeff Cross
Bret “Dizzy” Desmond
Dane Thomson


Country: USA

Released date: November 1, 2020

Genre: Heavy Metal

Length: 57:25 / 38:55

Format: CD / DIGITAL

Producer: N/A

Barcode ID: 792867042124

Production: N/A

Label: Ragged Sails Records

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