The extreme black/death metal band BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD has released their ambitious debut studio album titled GOD & BEAST via METAL BLAST RECORDS. The band is from the city of Sarpsborg in Norway, and they started with the BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD band in 2013.

In my opinion, the album GOD & BEAST has killer melodies that seep into the brain. Traditional but fresh, cerebral but headbanging, raw but sophisticated. GOD & BEAST keeps the genre's roots in an atmosphere of own creativity.

For that reason, GOD & BEAST is a wicked album with authentic songs and a superb killer production for a powerful debut album.

Gino Alache.


1. Might Is Right 03:36
2. Witches' Sabbath 04:04
3. Vengeance Is Mine 03:41
4. Black Sun Rising 04:05
5. Leviathan 04:47
6. Driven by Demons 03:26
7. Love Is a Demon 02:48
8. Sol Invictus 02:50
9. Hymn to Satan 04:10
10. Great Whore of Babylon 03:16
11. Litanies to Satan 05:29


Kim Alexander Lieberknecht - Drums (2013-present)
Zorn, Dr. Doom, Kristian Kjelsberg - Vocals (lead), Bass (2013-present)
Vegard "Knegg" Michalsen - Guitars (2015-present)


Country: Norway

Released date: February , 2021

Genre: Black Death metal

Length: 42:12

Format: CD

Producer: N/A

Barcode ID: N/A

Production: N/A

Label: Metal Blast records

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