LLYR is an outstanding death/doom metal band in the Czech Republic. The band comprises skilled musicians from various bands in Western Bohemia, including Sorath, Ex Mythopoeia, and ex-Neurotic machinery. Their debut album, "Two Years of Emptiness," was released in 2010, after which they went on hiatus.

In 2022, LLYR recorded new music, and in September 2023, they released their second studio album, Wings, a masterpiece of dynamic and emotional sound. With lyrics in English, the eight songs on this album feature soaring guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and haunting vocals that push the boundaries of traditional 1990s death/doom metal.

Some standout tracks on Wings include "Asylum," which boasts a driving rhythm that propels the listener forward throughout the song, and "Fall Of Love," which showcases the band's ability to balance darkness and light through its soft, melancholic opening that builds to a heavier, more hard-hitting sound near the end.

The production process, mix, and mastering were brilliantly handled by Lord Morbivod, known for his works with Stiny Plamenu, Trollech, Umbrtka, and War for War. The cover art, an exquisite piece of art, was designed by Marek Pisl.

LLYR's unique sound sets them apart from other death/doom metal bands on the current music scene. The band's use of English lyrics is noteworthy, as they showcase their ability to convey complex emotions and ideas through their music. Wings is an immersive and unforgettable experience not for the faint of heart but for those who seek to delve deeper into the darkest corners of the human condition.

In this album, LLYR has succeeded in creating a truly exceptional piece of work that satisfies fans of both death metal and doom metal genres. Combining both styles within the album provides an exciting twist on traditional death/doom metal, making Wings a must-have for all headbangers. With their second studio album, LLYR has proven that they are one of the most promising acts in the death/doom metal scene and are worth watching.

Gino Alache


2.Black Lodge
3.Crowned (by the Leaves)
7.Fall of Love
8.Lady Temptress


Karel – lead & backing vocals
Franta – guitars
Dominik – guitars
Jakub – bass, keyboards
Míra – drums


Genre: Death/Doom metal


Format: CD

Producer: Lord Morbivod

Barcode ID: MDM-XLII

Production: All music & lyrics composed by Llyr
Recorded by Jakub Uhlík in 2022
Mixed, mastered, and produced by Lord Morbivod in 2023

Label: Magick Disk Musick

Country: Czech Republic

Released date:2023