Review of the New Visions of Atlantis Album: Pirates II Armada
Released by Napalm Records on July 5, 2024

After several years, I have the opportunity to listen to a new release from Visions of Atlantis, and this time it's Pirates II Armada. Since I learned about its creation, this album grew on me more than just a simple expectation.

Visions of Atlantis, as a band, have been navigating through a sea of difficulties. The world increasingly pushes you into what you should and shouldn't do, leaving your freedom behind. However, Visions of Atlantis have always sought the route of Freedom, a place where they can sail without constraints, being free thinkers and not getting carried away by the current. In their previous album, Pirates, they had already raised the flag of Freedom on their elusive galleon, which fought hard battles, especially against dark forces, but ultimately prevailed.

Today, their new journey, titled Pirates II Armada, officially sets sail. Composed of 12 very inspiring tracks, filled with power, melody, and courage, the album features three singles that have been promoted, which I would call the first cannon shots warning everyone of their arrival at the port: "Armada", "Monster", and "Tonight I'm Alive". These three impressive tracks blend speed with enough harmony to clear any storm.

The music in this album begins ominously, like a dark bay filled with fog with "To Those Who Choose the Fight". As you traverse this fog, you search for something unknown, but you know you're there to fight. Then, the darkness and symphonic metal enter with "The Land of the Free", where the message becomes clearer, as we now talk about Freedom. We then arrive at "Monster", a spectacular track with a truly profound and grounding message, making you reflect on the truth, your truth. Our problems are often ourselves, and "Monster" helps you discover that monster within you that must be defeated by you alone. Moreover, it encourages you to find your own Armada to fight this battle with you, the people who care about you, thus becoming a pirate with an armada fighting an internal monster that you can defeat with perseverance and determination.

Pirates II Armada brings musical arrangements and a spectacular production. Different types of musical instruments create this immense ocean with fine and sharp riffs and solos that are formidable. You can hear them in "The Dead of the Sea", "Armada", "Hellfire", and "Magic of the Night", among others.

Once again, the vocal duo of Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli is praiseworthy. I dare to say they are one of the best pairs of singers in metal and perhaps in rock in general. They are amazing, without overlooking the guitar work of Christian Douscha, the bass of Herbert Glos, and the superb drumming of Thomas Caser. Together, they are the pirates bringing us this solid and fabulous album.

I highly recommend this album, as if you were waiting for something that has that blend of symphony with power, darkness, melody, and above all, something deeper that elevates the inner Freedom of the human being, this work is your best choice. I find no flaws in it, I looked for them but failed. I'm very happy to have it in my collection.

Gino Alache


01 To Those Who Choose to Fight
02 The Land of the Free
03 Monsters
04 Tonight I’m Alive
05 Armada
06 The Dead of the Sea
07 Ashes to the Sea
08 Hellfire
09 Collide
10 Magic of the Night
11 Underwater
12 Where the Sky and Ocean Blend


Thomas Caser – drums
Clémentine Delauney – female vocals
Christian Douscha – guitars
Herbert Glos – bass
Michele Guaitoli – male vocals


Genre: Symphonic Metal


Format: Digisleeve

Producer: Felix Heldt

Barcode ID: 8 10135 71571 3

Production: Cover, Artwork – Blake Armstrong

Label: Napalm Records

Country: Austria - World

Released date:July 5, 2024