HammerFall returns with their 13th studio album, "Avenge The Fallen," following their successful "United Forces" tour with Helloween. Founded over 30 years ago by guitarist Oscar Dronjak, HammerFall remains steadfast in their commitment to classic heavy metal, delivering ten solid tracks that epitomize their enduring musical legacy.

The sonic journey of "Avenge The Fallen" is driven by potent singles that exemplify HammerFall's unwavering prowess. Leading the charge is the epic anthem "Hail to the King," a track that captures the grandeur and intensity of Heavy metal. Following closely is "The End Justifies," a fast-paced classic metal and relentless powerhouse that showcases the band's tight, consistent musicianship. Tying the album together is the theme of "freedom," a concept woven throughout the lyrics and epitomized in the soaring melodies and defiant spirit that HammerFall has come to embody.

"Avenge The Fallen" roars with themes of resilience and identity, embodying the unyielding spirit of heavy metal. Joacim Cans delves into the band's enduring legacy and artistic evolution, underscoring the importance of staying true to their roots while daring to push boundaries. The album cover, depicting the warrior Hector forging his own path against all odds, is a powerful symbol of HammerFall's relentless commitment to artistic freedom and individuality. This album is a testament to their undying defiance and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Recorded primarily on the road and finalized in studio setups across Germany and Sweden, the album benefits from HammerFall's ability to capture the energy of live performances. Producer Jay Ruston, known for his work with Anthrax and Armored Saint, contributed to the vocal production, elevating Joacim Cans' performance to new heights. Additionally, notable guest vocalists like John Bush and Marc Lopez add depth to the album's backing vocals, enhancing its dynamic range

In my opinion, "Avenge The Fallen" is a stellar effort from HammerFall that deserves a prominent place in your collection. Highly recommended.


Avenge The Fallen
The End Justifies
Hail To The King
Hero To All
Hope Springs Eternal
Burn It Down
Capture The Dream
Rise Of Evil
Time Immemorial


Oscar Dronjak
Joacim Cans
Fredrik Larsson
Pontus Norgren
David Wallin


Genre: PowerMetal



Producer: Jay Ruston

Barcode ID:


Label: Nuclear Blast

Country: Gothenburg, Sweden

Released date:August 9, 2024