AIRFORCE announce the release of their first ever live album 'Live Locked N' Loaded In Poland Lublin Radio

By Gino Alache - August 14, 2021

(Rockum)- Actually the history of AIRFORCE goes back over 40 years ago to 1979, to an East London based band called EL-34, in which Chop Pitman and Tony Hatton played together first, and were able to gain ample live experiences with exciting gigs in legendary venues like "The Marquee Club", "The Ruskin Arms" and "The Cart & Horses".

After several years playing mostly London metal shows, the singer and drummer departed in 1986, leaving Chop and Tony looking for replacements. Chop's very good long-term friend, IRON MAIDEN mastermind Steve Harris, suggested his former drummer Doug Sampson (well known to all Metal fans from Iron Maiden's first legendary studio recordings "The Soundhouse Tapes").

Steve arranged some studio time for himself, Chop, and Doug to have a rehearsal jam session together, and a slice of NWOBHM history was made: AIRFORCE was born!

The Airforce album „Live Locked N' Loaded In Poland Lublin Radio" came about after Airforce Bassist, Tony Hatton recieved a message from Marcin Puszka late in 2018 inviting Airforce to play a Show for Radio Lublin in Poland.

This was duly arranged and Airforce played the Radio Lublin show on Friday March 29th 2019, shortly before Airforce headed off for their 2nd USA tour in early April.

The show was Broadcast live on Radio Lublin, also being filmed and recorded. It was soon realised that the Audio recording and the Airforce performance of this one off show was of a very high quality. Soon after the Radio Lublin Airforce Show the plan to release it as a live album began to be planned. The initial Mix was by the Radio Lublin Engineers, who then in 2020 handed over the recording to Airforce for our own sound engineer Pete Franklin to complete.

The Album tracklisting is a live snapshot of new Airforce songs and studio recordings to date.

Airforce are:
Flavio Lino - Vocals
Chop Pitman – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Tony Hatton – Bass Guitar
Doug Sampson - Drums

1. Fight
2. Life turns to Dust
3. Fine Line
4. The Reaper
5. Heroes
6. Wargames
7. Son of the Damned
8. Band of Brothers
9. Lost Forever
10. Why has it come to this
11. Finest Hour
12. Sniper

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