Rockum Radio Show EP117 with Gino Alache - Interview MIDNITE HELLION- DREW RIZZO

By Gino Alache - TUESDAY 01 MAR 2022

(Rockum)-Rockum Radio Show with Gino Alache Episode #117. Interview with Drew Anger Rizzo from MIDNITE HELLION.This episode was broadcasted on Tuesday March 01st 2022, via CFRC 101.9FM Kingston ON. Canada. Hosted & Produced by Gino Alache


HammerFall - Hammer Of Dawn (4:02)
Bomber - A Walk Of Titans (Hearts Will Break) (5:15)
Wings of Destiny -Rise Above (3:37)
Sabaton - The Unkillable Soldier (4:11)
Helloween - Just A Little Sign (4:26)
Matt Hughes - Make Love Not War (3:51)
HELIX - Not My Circus, Not My Clowns (4:13)
VOODOO MOONSHINE - Rockum Radio Show (0:05)
Voodoo Moonshine - Bring It Down (3:29)
Blacklist Union - Alive-N-Well Smack in the Middle of Hell (3:34)
MIDNITE HELLION - Phantomland (5:23)
Drew Rizzo- Midnite Hellion - Interview Rockum Radio Gino Alache (12:54)
Midnite Hellion - Rapscallion (5:49)
KingCrown Wake Up Call (3:54)
Sweet Machete - Blood and Oil MASTER (3:11)
Dark Princenss - Falling To Fly (3:13)
Mad Wet Sea - Darkness Falls (4:03)
Destruction - No Faith In Humanity (Explicit) (4:17)
Depressed Mode - Death Walks Among Us (Single Edit) (4:38)
Lion's Share - City of the Night (4:15)
Evil Invaders - Sledgehammer Justice (4:37)
LOCKJAW - Living In My Head (3:41)
Spirit Adrift - Hollow (5:55)

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