HEIDEN stream full album ANDZJEL

(Rockum)-Progressive post/black metal outfit HEIDEN is now streaming the new album Andzjel. HEIDEN from Brno, Czech republic, after all that post-rock dreaming, promises spikes on the new record "Andzjel" and fulfilled their promises with the first single "Neve?ím tem o?ím". Progblack raid is like a thorny journey back in time. Percussion volleys, cutting poetry strongly inspired by the region of the White Carpathians and a typically melancholic interlude to make the scars just right.
HEIDEN returns fully to its second creative chapter, in which they serve sophisticated black and with a perfect mix & master by Karel Daniel Lidén (CRAFT, KATATONIA, IN MOURNING, BLOODBATH).

The rural and severed feel of the old huts is essential for our upcoming record. A connection with nature that is irresistible and unobtrusive. We dealt with the atmosphere on the new album from many points of view. It's about the indefinite fear from the outside. It describes the feeling when the world around us has changed overnight and we weren't there. Extirpation and doubts. HEIDEN are connecting places and sounds, resonating with their hearts.

Track list:

1. Nev..ím t?m o?ím (I don't trust those eyes) LISTEN
2. V hodin. vlka (In the hour of the wolf)
3. Musím ti tolik ?íct (I have so much to tell you)
4. Zá.í (September)
5. Svi., m?sí?ku, jasno (Shine, moon, clear)
6. B.s. se nezbavíš (You won't get rid of rages)
7. Pat.ím sem (I belong here)

Release date: 11.11.2022 via Magick Disk Musick

Recording Studio: SHAARK Studio
Sound engineer: Pavel Hlavica
Mix/Master: Karl Daniel Lidén (Tri-Lamb Studios)
Cover artwork: kverd and Lud.k .ezá?

CD Super Jewel Case
LP 12" Black Vinyl

Their ninght full-lenght album could be listened here on the band's YouTube channel: