(Rockum)-Black Paisley release the new single 'PROMISES', which is the last from the upcoming new album, 'Human Nature'.Previous singles for 'Human Nature' are, "Don´t Call Me A Liar", "Crazy", "Set Me On Fire", "Not Alone" & "Mojo". The song combines Disturbed-esque guitar riffs and Bon Jovi-like choruses with a catchy melody on top. Santunione’s intro riff sets the scene for a classic blues groove, while Blomqvist’s chorus makes the song fit for any rock radio station with self-preservation.

The upcoming fourth album from the veteran swedes in Black Paisley is their best to date and a lot of effort has been put into make it a classic rock album to remember.Partly a cooperation with legendary Mike Fraser in Vancouver with the aim to reinvent some of the classic rock sounds from the peak of the era, combined with modern production and innovative song writing."A fantastic album that goes beyond all expectations. Start making room for “HUMAN NATURE” in your record collection because once you listen to it, you'll love it! says Melody Lane in Italy.”

“Catchy rock songs that are so damn fun that no part of the body can stay still here. You are automatically drawn into the spell of the sound and have just one thing on your mind from start to finish”“Arguably the best rock band we've heard in recent years” says Metallum Black Paisley from Stockholm, Sweden has, since the start 2015, reached almost 10 million spins on global streaming services, although still an independent act.

Seen by many as one of the big inheritors of Classic Rock in the line of bands like Whitesnake, Scorpions and Y&T, the band debuted with the album "Late Bloomer" that had success among critics and bloggers. This was was followed by "Perennials" in September of 2018. In the summer of 2020, Franco Santunione from Electric Boys joined on guitar for the third album 'Rambler'. During 2021 and 2022 the band’s been working on their new upcoming full-length album, 'Human Nature', as well as touring summer festivals.

Black Paisley is:

Stefan Blomqvist - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Franco Santunione – Lead Guitars
Jan Emanuelsson - Bass
Robert Karaszi - Drums and Percussion


Written by: Stefan Blomqvist and Franco Santunione
Produced by Franco Santunione & Martin Karlegård,
Engineered by Martin Karlegård, SubMob Studios
Mixed by Robert Pehrsson, Studio Humbucker
Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP
Label: Black Paisley AB

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