Lee Aaron has returned with her new studio album RADIO ON! This record is a combination of highly recommended songs, and an intelligent production which makes for a solid album—a perfect treasure of rock melodies sung with passion.

In my opinion, Lee Aaron has more balls than nobody because she had been recording a long list of music albums for years until our present days.

Fourteen studio albums, five compilations between live records, and tons of singles. I think you must be brave to do that! Also, I believe the work of a person speaks more than a thousand words.

In this "Radio On!" album, you will see how alive rock music is.

This new record has headbanging songs, hard rock ballads, fresh sounds, catchy melodies, killer guitar riffs, rhythm, love, passion, and many more elements that give you delight and hope for the future because you will confirm, rock is not dead.

I can recommend such great songs like the ballads Twenty-One, Devils Gold (killer guitar melodies), or Wasted.

The headbanging songs, Soul Breaker, Great Big Love, the singles Vampin and Cmon, and many memorable songs confirm each track warrant its place on the album.

In 2021 we have a chance to get her new record of her so, do your pre-order on Amazon, go to her website, find her on social media or in your favourite record store and buy this new album. I know you will figure out how to get this record, but I'm sure you will not be disappointed!

Radio On! will be released on July 23rd via Metalville Records.

My story with the music of the multi-platinum Canadian rock Lee Aaron started in the '80s; as you should know or maybe not, I was born in Lima, the capital of Peru. So, I can tell you; she was the first Canadian metal music ambassador in South America. Her brilliant records Metal Queen and Call of The Wild were a success and delighted a whole generation.

Lee Aaron is a rock musician you should follow because her music transcends in times.

Long live the metal queen!


Gino "Rockum" Alache.


Soul Breaker
Mama Don’t Remember
Radio On
Soho Crawl
Devil’s Gold
Russian Doll
Great Big Love
Had Me at Hello
Twenty One


Lee Aaron - Singer
Sean Kelly – Guitar
Dave Reimer – Bass
John Cody – Drums


Country: Canada

Released date: July 23rd 2021

Genre: Hard Heavy Rock

Length: N/A


Producer: N/A

Barcode ID: N/A

Production: Lee Aaron

Label: Metalville Records

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